What We Offer

Onshore Activities

Geological Mapping and Mineral Exploration

  Topographic Survey: DGPS, Total Station, Drone
  Geophysical Survey & Exploration
  Geological Exploration by Drilling, Pitting, Trenching
  Geochemical Survey (sampling and analysis of ores and minerals)
  Geological appraisal and evaluation of mineral deposits. .
  Computation of Reserve of Ore Deposits
  Selection of sites for setting up of Beneficiation Plants, Tailing Dams
  Determination of areas suitable for Mine Dump Yard
  Geo-technical investigations
  Trial excavation, Supervise core and non-core drilling
  Provide Support to Mining Industries in compliance of Mineral Administration.
  Formulation of Mining plan, Mining Scheme and Mine closure plan for opencast and underground mines.
  Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Report for mines

Offshore Activities

  Offshore Mineral Exploration and Resource Evaluation
  Bathymetric Survey
  Oceanographic Studies
  Beach Profiling, Sediment Trend Analysis, Sediment Budgeting
  Geophysical Survey & Exploration (magnetic, sub-bottom
profiling, side scan sonar).

Environmental Studies

  Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA)
  Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  Monitoring & Analysis of Air, Noise, Soil & Water
  Coastal Zone Management Studies
  Offshore Environmental Studies
  EIA baseline/scoping Studies
  Marine Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation
  Offshore Noise Monitoring, Analysis & Interpretation

GIS and Remote Sensing

  GIS & Information System Development
  Web GIS, Mobile GIS
  Digital Database Management
  High Resolution Remote Sensing