Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects


Geo technical consultancy, Offshore Sand Resource survey, Beach Profiling and Environmental Monitoring survey of Karnataka Coast (Sub consultant in the consortium of FCGANZDEC, New zealand, Sanctuary Beach, Singapore, KITCO, Kerala and Geo Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd.) in the Project- Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Programme ( Tranche-2), for Dept. of Public Works , Ports & Inland Water Transport Department, Karnataka - An Asia Development Bank Loan Project-2017-2020.

Detailed Geological Mapping and Topographical Survey of Devadari range,Bellary, Karnataka for the proposed Iron Ore Mine of M/s KIOCL, under sub contract from M/s.MECON Ltd.

Detailed Topographical Plan Survey for rehabilitation colony near Gurupur, Mangalore for Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.


Mineral Exploration and resource evaluation in Morocco.


Mineral Exploration and resource evaluation in Indonesia.


Geotechnical and Geophysical Studies for Offshore sand supply project for Qatar Primary Materials Company

Qatar Primary Materials company (QPMC) , the employer is fully governmental entity of state of Qatar Government has a mandate to supply washed sand and dune sand to be used for construction materials (Concrete, road, bedding material, etc.) for development in the country.
For the past 9 Years employer has been granted a concession area to produce these two types of sand i.e washed sand and dune sand. Recently, employer has forecast the shortage of raw material supply in coming few years.
For washed sand, employer has leased an area from Qatar petroleum (Dukhan) in KA'aranaa and setup washed sand processing plant with the capacity of 1000 Ton/h production rate. Employer also received an area in Umm Bab. For raw sand materials to be explored and transported to the washing plant. The mining operation for the raw materials was by open pit method. Distance between the borrow pit and washing plant is approximately 14km. This operation had been fully operated since mid of 2009.