V.K.K. Kalluraya

Chief Executive Officer

Expertise : Offshore Geological Mapping ,Exploration and Project Management

Mr Kalluraya is a renowned Geologist with vast experience in both onshore and offshore geological mapping and exploration surveys. He has carried out systematic geological mapping of Aravalli Mountain ranges in Rajasthan and Base Metal Exploration in the Khetri Copper Belt, Rajasthan. Later he worked as exploration geologist in Black Mountain Basemetal Project, Bhutan, Central Himalayas. Both these base metal deposits have been later developed to become the major Basemetal deposits in Asia. When GSI opened the Offshore Survey Division in 1984, he was selected to lead the marine team. In offshore surveys, he led about 20 mapping projects in West Coast of India as the chief scientist and brought out a major publication “A Treatise on Marine Geoscientific studies of the Region surrounding Lakshadweep, Arabian Sea”. He led the GSI team as the chief scientist of the International Project for Mapping and Exploration of Carlsberg Ridge in the Indian Ocean. He has 20 international and national publications to his credit. He has also proved his mettle as an able administrator and was involved in the procurement of new research vessels (both coastal & deep sea) for GSI.

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